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BEST M&M Cookies - Super soft, chewy, crispy edges and full of chocolate! These M&M cookies taste like they came straight from a bakery!


  1. Posted by drh0816, — Reply

    I've made this twice now. It's my current favorite cookie recipe--the light brown sugar doesn't overwhelm the dough with a caramel flavor, like using dark brown would.

  2. Posted by Piegirl789, — Reply

    The worst cookie recipe I’ve ever made. Way too much flour. Stick with the Toll House recipe. Perfect cookies every.time.

  3. Posted by jau5672642, — Reply

    Hands down the best m&m cookies ever. Made 4 dozen for my hubby's trip to Wyoming and they were gone! Amazing!

  4. Posted by sashasterling4, — Reply

    These are really good just make sure to cook them for a little less time then it says since I burnt mine I little

  5. Posted by juarezleila, — Reply

    it doesn't say how many minutes u should bake it at and what u should pre heat your oven to

  6. Posted by colp2504, — Reply

    Excellent recipe. Cookies came out perfect!

  7. Posted by CountryRoadStit, — Reply

    Great recipe. They turned out perfect

  8. Posted by eaw1657, — Reply

    Followed the recipe exactly, great cookie recipe! Thanks!

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